Paul Morris


Iā€™m Paul, a software engineer based in Dallas, TX. I'm building web applications for Tide Cleaners that are used by thousands of customers every day. I'm passionate about using the Web Platform to build performant, resilient, and scalable experiences. When I'm not coding, I'm probably playing guitar, biking, or hanging out with my family.


TypeScript | React | Remix | Next.js | Node.js | SQL


Go | AWS | Astro


NonProfit Ally

This is a production fullstack Remix application that I built for a local nonprofit. It's a CRM that allows them to track their donors, staff account balances, and reimbursement requests. It's built on TypeScript, Prisma, and Zod and is hosted on Vercel.

Login with [email protected] and password and have a look around!

See it in action

Machine Manager

A fullstack Remix application for tracking physical assets that was intended to replace a legacy internal tool. It primarily leverages Prisma, Zod, and TypeScript.

Login and check out the invoices section. Try creating a new invoice and adding various charges!

See it in action